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Hi, you've landed on the website for Angelica R. Jackson, artist and award-winning author!


If you're looking for my photo galleries, they are now at .  Click here for Charming Corby Jewelry

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Please feel free to perch awhile and explore this website for my books and other writing projects.

JUNE 2022: Spellmeet, Faerie Crossed Book 3, from Crow & Pitcher Press.

OCTOBER 2018: Merlin's Stronghold, Faerie Crossed Book 2, from Crow & Pitcher Press.

MAY 2018: Crow's Rest, Faerie Crossed Book 1, from Crow & Pitcher Press.

MAY 2017: Capturing The Castle: Images of Preston Castle (2006-2016)


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A haunted castle (one everybody knows), a clash between realities, changelings, fairies and teenage hormones make for a combustible tale that is just beginning. If you love fantasy and characters who continue through a series of books, you’re going to enjoy Angelica R. Jackson’s young adult fantasy adventure series, “Faerie Crossed.”

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